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Embedded video Build and compatibility The headline act here is the decoupled reinforced dome tweeter. The tweeter assembly is suspended in a ring of soft gel, keeping it isolated from any cabinet vibrations brought about by the mid-bass driver. The headline act is the decoupled reinforced dome tweeter. More after the break Elsewhere, the Right from the start, the s burst to life with a powerful, clear and agile sound. These are hugely talented and enjoyable speakers, and a definite step up from their predecessors. The sense of scale is massive, especially coming from relatively compact standmounters. Best hi-fi speakers The s burst to life with a powerful, clear and agile sound. The bass is pleasingly deep and powerful.

Keeping the Romance Alive After Valentine’s Day

Select Alternative Investments Summary Using a simple measure of trailing return to time exposures to industries, sectors, countries, and asset classes produces very impressive returns. My research indicates that momentum and trend-following both work when applied to ETFs, but trend-following is much more powerful. Published Research on Momentum and Trend-Following When I was studying economics as an undergrad and finance as an MBA student in the 70s and 80s, the overwhelming consensus among academics was that markets were efficient.

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Share this article Share ‘There is significant public interest in us investigating Momentum to establish the facts in this matter and whether there have been any offences. Electoral law imposes strict spending limits on non-party campaigners seeking to influence people to vote for one particular political party or any of its candidates. Founded by Jon Lansman as a means of bolstering Mr Corbyn’s leadership at a time when he was seen as being under threat from centrist MPs and activists, Momentum has become increasingly influential within the Labour Party.

It boasts a network of more than 23, members, local groups and , supporters, many of whom took part in campaigning around the election. The movement is a standalone organisation but is influential inside Labour, endorsing candidates and running a parallel conference pictured is a pro-Corbyn protest in Westminster The watchdog added: Jon Lansman founded Corbyn’s Momentum which rails against the rich Like champagne socialists of the old school, the privately-wealthy year-old decided to file paperwork setting up the group from where he lived: For this veteran fixer, little known outside the Westminster bubble, is about to become one of the most powerful figures in British politics.

Jon Lansman pictured with Tony Benn, a darling of the left from a privileged background who supported Fidel Castro Thanks to a recent rule change — which he himself successfully lobbied for! Lansman is one of four candidates that Momentum hopes to insert in these positions. The reason is this: But that is set to change. For the expected election of Lansman and two allies will give the hard-Left complete control, thereby completing the Corbyn-isation of the official Labour machine.

6 Ways to Create Lifelong, Healthy Habits that Stick

Ideas and wisdom on how to better achieve your goals. Fed up, you make yet another commitment to yourself: Start that business, hit the gym, save more money, stop dating losers or get serious about your future.

Hazard, who has yet to sign a new deal with Chelsea, says he is enjoying his form right now and riding a wave of momentum dating back to last season.

No matter the age difference mine is almost 9 years! Sometimes I find myself figuring out ways to revert to old behaviors and try to squash his enthusiasm. Here are the rules. Be your older, wiser, intelligent, creative self. A younger man gets inspiration from your evolution into being an older woman. They adore your mind, your ability to make strong decisions, a well-kept body and even a few gray hairs.

Just be who you are. Have your own opinions and share conversation based on opposing ideas. It brings a continual spark to the whole relationship and gives each of you something to always think about. Keep exercising and eating well. This is a no-brainer, as a younger man wants his older woman to keep up with him, in both word and deed.

The endorphins need to keep flowing for this partnership to last, and daily exercise and a healthy diet will keep the heart and body on fire. Maca root is a supplement derived from the jungles of Peru.

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Long only, research analyst, portfolio strategy, media Summary Evergreen game foundation remains solid – providing a floor on the stock. Company has changed its stock structure. Repurchased 67 million shares.

Momentum, published twice a year, highlights Population Council research and institutional activities. Each issue focuses on a research topic, presenting articles on key projects and their impact; each issue also contains profiles of a researcher and a donor.

But according to Erika Ettin, relationship coach and the founder of dating site A Little Nudge , this is just one of the many ways we are doing ourselves a disservice when it comes to looking for love. Ettin spoke to Business Insider about all the ways you’re going wrong on your dating app profiles, and what you should do instead to help you find “the one. Not writing a bio rawpixel.

In reality, you just look boring, and you’re giving your potential matches too much of a reason to swipe left left meaning no thanks. I only recommend words on a dating app. Literally anything is better than no words at all. Some men think women are just after a man over a certain height, which isn’t true at all. Like, wow he’s a catch, he’s 6ft tall, but maybe he was in jail last year. According to Ettin, four or five is the optimum.

People can see what you look like. Your first picture isn’t of your face Shutterstock The first photo should always be one of your face, Ettin said. That way, people know for sure what you look like. So no more pictures of you looking off to the side. This just makes things easier for the person matching with you, because it will generate questions.

How to Create Your Unique Personal Momentum

As the bow and arrow became dominant, history began to change. Experts believe the bow and arrow are one of the three most important inventions in human history — right alongside the discovery of fire and the development of speech. Primitive cave paintings, such as those discovered in Eastern Spain, prove that man has hunted with a bow and arrow for at least 12, years. Ancient arrowheads found at Bir-El-Atir in Tunisia date back even further, some as early as forty thousand years ago.

Throughout the ages, archery has been handed down to the new generation. Originally it was passed on as a survival and war tool, which developed into sport and competition.

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Mail icon Like Tell No One, Guillaume Canet’s man-on-the-run hit soon to be Hollywoodized, with Ben Affleck directing and starring , Point Blank presents an adrenalin-fueled scenario in which an innocent Every Guy must contend with sinister creeps, gun-toting thugs, and clueless cops – leaping across rooftops, dodging cars, tearing into crowded Metro stations in order to save the day.

As Samuel, a hospital nurse who unwittingly gets embroiled in some deadly business, Gilles Lellouche has our sympathy and support from the get-go. How can he not? Here’s this earnest, industrious nursing student, with a beautiful and very pregnant wife Elena Anaya at home, who saves a patient on the brink of expiration. Someone had cut off the man’s oxygen supply, and if Samuel hadn’t acted fast, he’d be dead. Unfortunately for Samuel, there are people who really wanted this guy kaput.

His name is Sartet Roschdy Zem , and unless Samuel somehow sneaks him out of the hospital – Sartet’s now under police guard – Samuel’s wife, and the child she’s carrying, are goners. With a plot that involves a corrupt, cold-blooded police investigator and warring teams of gangsters, Point Blank ricochets around crazily; it jolts, it thrills.

The music is propulsive, and the editing and action adroit.

The Momentum Theory: Why moving too slow will kill your dating life

Kepler’s second law states that a body in orbit traces equal areas over equal times; its orbital velocity is highest around perihelion and lowest around aphelion. The Earth spends less time near perihelion and more time near aphelion. This means that the lengths of the seasons vary. Perihelion currently occurs around January 3, so the Earth’s greater velocity shortens winter and autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Summer in the northern hemisphere is 4.

A breakneck French thriller, Point Blank is so ridiculously successful at keeping its momentum going – and keeping the audience tense with suspense – that it’s likely to leave you with your heart.

Three think-fast situations, three opportunities for a high-pressure screw-up, three itineraries for getting it right. Take turns posing in front of the ever-expanding selection of murals on St. Emanuel, Polk and Chartres Streets. When your long-distance love surprises you by coming to town for the weekend If the future of your relationship rests on convincing someone to move to Houston, you better show off the city at its best.

The Invitation What does your potential paramour’s first date suggestion suggest about them? PacMan Fever Friday at Joystix:

It’s high season for online dating — plot your moves carefully

Listed below are few of the things that you should take note in order to have a healthy relationship. We have to list the things that make us happy before we go on with what our partners want. We learn to love others because we know how to love ourselves; we become a better person because we know what we want and we understand our partner as well.

Relationships, especially at the very beginning, can be really confusing. Chances are, if you really like the person you’ve just started dating, one or both of you is actively playing it cool to.

This woman sounds like an absolute piece of garbage….. Wally I just recently ended a 2 year relationship with a woman that has 3 kids. But hers were just downright out of control. They would fight constantly and trash the house. They had little discipline and playtime seemed to be the focus. It sucks real bad because I loved her very much and we had great chemistry and shared similar interests and goals.

I miss her terribly but I know it could never work. I had this conversation recently with a young mother and she explained that the lack of discipline thing can be attributed to a number of things. What I mean is that there are too many variables to even pinpoint why she let them turn into that but personally I think you did the right thing. I mean 3 is a lot for a man to inherit and you did 2 years!!! Anyway, keep your head up Wally and move on having used this as a learning experience.

You never know about the kids until you get to experience them with their mom in their own environment. I wish you luck in the dating pool, find ground soon or wait 13 years and reclaim your lady that was a joke.

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